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Archie and Opal
Photo by A.T Pet Photography
Archie, Opal and mc
Photo by A.T Pet Photography
Photo by A.T Pet Photography

Our goal and purpose is to unite as many parrots as possible with new life companions at no cost to the receiver. To furnish the homes of PTSD, anxiety and depression sufferers with a new member that just may make a difference in there lives. We are currently breeding Conures, Cockatiels, Quakers, Indian Ring neck Parrots and Alexandrines who’s chicks fulfill the Parrots for Purpose process. We only provide hand raised and tame birds at a point in their lives when we know they can thrive on interaction and independence.

We intend to change the World, “One bird at a time”

Parrots that have a new friend: 347

(YTD 2022 = 53)

(2021 = 223)

(2020 = 71)

Tuesday 22nd February 2022

Wednesday 23rd February 2022

What an amazing night connecting with like minded people.


Parrots for Purpose has exceeded all expectation and grown to a whole new level.

Early in 2022 we’re intending to operate from a new central premises that can provide workshops, social events, therapy groups etc.

To accommodate costs associated with this we have implemented a fee structure effective from now. This is still less than 50% of most pet stores and private sellers.

To keep it very simple and straight forward we will have three packages.

Our newest member of the Parrots for Purpose Therapy Team, Scooter

Gonzo joins the crew

When we started we really didn’t expect to give away 20, let alone 200. We hit our ‘road map’ target of 200 for this year at

Gaven Primary School

As part of ‘Mental Health Week’ we visited Robina Private Hospital 12/10/21

So many smiles, warm and affectionate interactions.

We are both excited and proud to have as our banking partner the ‘Bank of Queensland’. Huge thankyou to Tammie from the Nerang Branch for creating a product friendly to our cause.

We can now receive direct donations and payments into this account. Please ensure you leave a surname in the description.

BSB: 124-065

Account Number: 23136757

Account Name: Parrots for Purpose


17/07/2021 We took the office outside today at Parrots for Purpose Headquarters. This amazing stand for Archie and Opal donated by Danny at Birds Paradise Gold Coast.

20/06/2021 What a great morning at Beaudesert Bird Sale. So many interactions and amazingly supportive people to ‘PFP’. My beautiful kids flew the flag with our dear friend and supporter Lyn. . It’s so good to live in a ‘Bird World’ country.

07/06/2021 Taking ‘Parrots for Purpose’ to the schools. We’ve been fortunate to receive many enquires from our talk last week at Gaven Primary and found families in need of a new friend. Thank you all; the teachers, parents, Miss Lyn and most of all the beautiful children. It appears our future is in great hands 🙌

24/05/2021 ‘Fat Boy’ is no longer in the House. He has a new home with our wonderful friends at the Australian Anti Ice Campaign.

Our very first parrot for 2021, Charlie was presented to Rosie and her words are below.

Article 07/10/2020: NDIS/Carers Australia https://carersqld.com.au/michael-is-giving-back-as-a-result-of-ndis-support/

Channel Seven News Article 30/10/2020 https://www.facebook.com/130736376939223/videos/859626791457045

Our volunteer of the year award for 2020 went unchallenged to Saskia who has (with assistance from her family) fostered and raised 19 birds for PFP and always with a smile and unwavering commitment to assist others. Well done!
Our very lucky winner of the major raffle prize painted and generously donated by the amazing Anna Ward 18/12/2020
On the 10/12/2020 we were privileged to present a talk about PFP to Carers Australia Queensland and it was a huge success with an audience of beautiful, caring and assistance orientated people. To our surprise a week later they had collected 48 kilos of seed for our birds (2 months supply). From us to all you guys at Ashmore, THANK YOU!!


Our Mascot

(Eclectus roratus)

Archie is not only our mascot and chairman of the board, he’s the inspiration behind ‘Parrots for Purpose’.

He is our own enigmatic gentleman of the parrot world overseeing all our operations at the Parrots for Purpose headquarters. No bird leaves without his nod of approval and he drills them on friendliness, empathy, communication and manners.

Hand-Raised Cockatiels

We are hand-raising cockatiels from 3 weeks old so that they are familiar with human contact and are happy to snuggle.

Ringneck Parrots

These birds are a favorite to many, however they do like waking up at the glimpse of sunrise and will share it with you! Also, they have extremely strong beaks, gloves are advised when handling. From time to time we do have hand raised babies to place with people.

Quaker Parrots

These little guys are one of the favorites of Parrots for Purpose. A few color varieties and one of the largest personalities packed into a small feathered parcel. Hugely entertaining and brilliant companions. From time to time we do have hand raised babies to place with people.


Such entertaining and energetic friends. These guys keep us amused for hours, they’re full of life, love a cuddle and thrive on companionship. We are getting increasing numbers of these.

Our beautiful Girl ‘Opal’

Such a beautiful little baby Eclectus. Her and Archie have become amazing friends.

What we’re about

We are in the business of assisting people in need on an availability basis and at no cost.

We are a non-profit group and our main goal is to make a difference in individual’s life journey.

We come from a position of having experienced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety first hand. The remarkable and positive affect owning a parrot has achieved in the management and healing of associated symptoms is worth sharing.

Next Steps…


Spring has certainly sprung. Babies Galore from the Ringnecks, Cockatiels and Conures.

Our dream of helping people has spread and taken a natural course. Our Parrots are bringing fulfillment and meaning to peoples life journey. We continue to need the support of many and welcome all enquiries of how to become involved.

Archie and Opal. Photo by A.T Pet Photography