Queensland 02/09/2020

"...My Children suffer from PTSD (from early exposure to domestic violence)
fortunately I found the strength to leave and accessed the help I needed to
get on my feet. Day to day life we deal with anxiety and depression. I originally
purchased an Eclectus for my daughter, the difference it made was amazing.
Now all of my children have their own support Parrot. Our feathered family.
Congratulations on your work, well done."

Our 30th Bird to be united with a new friend

Our Approach

First and foremost, it is our pleasure and goal to connect as many PTSD, anxiety and depression sufferers as possible with a new friend. We have created this cause with the hope and intention of uniting as many people as possible with a parrot. We selectively choose our breeding birds, care and treat them with the love and respect they deserve in an environment that allows them a full and wonderful life. At fourteen days of age we remove two in three chicks from there nest and hand raise them along with introducing them to basic training. Once comfortable that they can survive independently we arrange to set them up with a new home. Most of all, we enjoy the journey in getting a parrot ready and watching it embark on a new, exciting and rewarding life with a new owner. They will build loads of priceless memories and will end up very close and mutually reliant.

Our Story

Coming from a position of having confronted trauma, experiencing depression and anxiety complete with the journeys that accompany them we have seen the measured improvements that come with owning a parrot. The further we delved the more we learned about how these beautiful birds have impacted so many people. With such a strong support group assisting us through some dark times we have a need and a desire to give something back and our parrots are that something. Many people cannot have a dog or cat, maybe they can have a bird and ‘Yes’… Most of our birds have loads of personality! We believe good ‘Mental health’ is such a vital and essential element of a happy and fulfilling life and that our birds can assist people to achieve this.

Brisbane 23/09/2020

Three of My children have Asperger’s, and one has severe
contamination OCD, Covid lock down had just begun and he
was a mess he would stay on his bed “ his clean island” and would not leave it except to eat & go to the bathroom , he would freak out when anyone would go near him and wouldn’t allow anyone to touch him, I Couldn’t help him, I couldn’t cuddle him , it was a very stressful time. We had some baby love birds I’d decided to hand raise. He was watching me feed them  & said “ Can I hold one , if I hold it I’ll get dirty but then I can have a shower and I’ll be clean “ a major confrontation therapy and he thought of it himself .He cuddled her for an hour had a shower and went on with his day . A huge step , now it has become a routine , and so calming for him . I’ve arranged his own Albino Ring neck coming soon. This will be his very own therapy bird. he has been improving leaps and bounds since he started handling the baby birds.

Meet the Team

We are a family; Dad, Mum, and two amazing children who continue to keep the dream alive. The dynamics in our family unit have assisted getting the PFP to what it is today and I’m confident will carry it into the future.


(Michael Patrick Clancy)


From experience comes a certain knowledge and with certain knowledge comes responsibility. What we do with that and how or if we use that knowledge is sometimes a risk worth taking. I’m proud, humbled and blessed to be positioned where I can engage with a myriad of different people for a common cause. This cause will work toward removing stigmas associated with mental health and arming recipients with tools (parrots) to help combat symptoms.

Anna – Marie Clancy

‘Administration Manager’

A remarkable opportunity to be involved with such a worthwhile cause from the ground level. Watching and experiencing some life changing moments that parrots can create. I love the way it’s united our family to a common cause and is teaching our children some really strong life lessons.

Riley Daniel Fledgling 1

‘Steering Committee’

To be a part of this is really exciting and fantastic. I love the birds and already have some as friends. It’s sad that some have to go but we can’t keep them all

Tegan Margaret Fledgling 2

‘Steering Committee’

Some friends like to keep you real and on the ground while others have wings to help you fly, to guide you, to teach you that you are above many people because you have a real friend, one that will teach you how to fly and guides you through a journey of your own. Every parrot is individual with their own traits. Every parrot has a perfect best friend. My goal is to help people find their new feathery friend through “My Journey”.

With the assistance provided by Carers Australia Queensland and the NDIS in assisting through positive interaction, empathetic understanding and ensuring the availability of appropriate therapies, from a ‘Tragedy’ has been born a ‘Charity.’ We thank you most sincerely.

Our Cockatiel Colony/flock love the natural habitat and have bred successfully.

Opal doesn’t miss a trick

The Process

We do understand that not all people are ‘bird’ people just as some are not dog or cat people therefore its important certain criteria are met before we connect you with your new friend. These include:

  • An ability to commit daily interactions and care
  • Reliability to feed, water, bath and play with your new friend each day
  • A genuine appreciation of your friend and their needs
  • Competency to identify any issues or illnesses that may present and the ability to seek suitable assistance.
  • Fruit, veggies and seed are not free so there is also a financial commitment. We estimate it will cost and average of $14.75 a week to keep your friend.
  • A letter or referral from your GP, Psychologist or psychiatrist is all that’s needed to place you on the list. The letter /referral will simply note that you meet the criteria above.

As were dealing with nature, living bodies and seasonal elements we can’t guarantee when you will receive your new friend. All things considered we aim to unite your new friend to you within three months of acceptance to the waiting list.

You’ll also receive our parrots for Purpose starter kit that contains:

  • A bag of seed
  • A carry bag
  • A bookmark
  • Website and assistance list
  • A help sheet
  • Hatch certificate, photo and parent details

If you would like to donate, please access https://www.gofundme.com/f/parrots-for-purpose?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1