Help Cheat Sheet

Your new friend has some basic needs.

Loads of Love and attention.

  • Talk to your friend, they are the best listeners in the World and eventually they may even talk to you. Be careful though because they’re not renowned for confidentiality and have been known to repeat your words
    • Cuddle them, the more you snuggle the more they’ll want to
    • Treat them as a genuine BFF because they’re love for you is absolute
    • Dine with them if you want
    • They love to watch TV or read a book with you
    • Try to dedicate a minimum of one hour ‘out of cage ‘time a day


Foods your friend needs. A regular mix of these will maintain healthy beaks, feathers and provide the necessary nutrients for a happy existence

  • A quality medium parrot mix (half a cup daily)
    • Chopped fruit/vegies (celery, apple, pear, carrot, blueberries, strawberries, peas, corn, XXX) half a cup daily. This can be mixed or in two separate meals. We have been feeding fruit in the mornings, rice/vegies at lunch and seed in the afternoon
    • Brown cooked rice mixed with fruit and veggies twice a week
    • Grey sunflower seeds as a treat (less weight gain than the black ones)

Fresh daily water is important and necessary

The Cage

Your friends cage should have something wooden for it to chew and clean its beak. A swing is great with a rope toy or ladder. Its important items are added to occupy its time in the cage to prevent bad habits forming out of boredom such as feather plucking.

green, leafy branches from Australian native trees. Pinecones and the seed pods from gum trees, bottlebrush, wattle etc. also provide occupational therapy and foraging opportunities for your bird.

Perches should be wide enough for the bird’s feet to spread evenly over the surface. They should be made from rough, bark, native trees.