The collaboration of all our friends, business partners and caring people have assisted the evolution and eased our journey at ‘PFP’. They are our valued friends and supporters who’s input and assistance we are forever grateful.

Rebecca Griffith: Clinical Psychologist

Dr Saveena Singh: Psychiatrist

Anna Ward: Art Therapist

LYN HEALY– Take a bow! Our craft, stationary, design, planner, marketer and all round enormous supporter of ‘PFP’

Andrew Watts: Matter expert, consultant and advisor

Dr Saeed Salehi: General Practitioner

Angela Clancy: Product/Merchandise co-ordination and supply

Rachelle, Saskia and James Haywood: Fledgling Foster carers

Barry Trewin: Merchandise supplier

The Romer Family: Support Team

Allison G Whytcross: Motivation Manager

Clancy-Donovan Family: Cheer Squad

Uncle Rob: Building Consultant

Macca Saunders: Valued Supporter and contributor

Lisa Thomson: Committed supporter and contributor

The Toye Family: Feeding, Fostering and Photography

A.T Pet Photography communicative, professional, patient & friendly

The crew at Beenleigh Bird Breeders Association are amazingly helpful and

Big supporters of where we’re headed



These guys are so helpful and supportive

Huge thanks to Lyn and Brett


Anna at Art Therapy Gold Coast is the best Art therapist in Australia and arguably the World.


Paul, Jayde, Andrea and all the sensational volunteers here somehow find time

to assist and work with us at ‘PFP’ Brilliant work guys!


Birds Paradise - Home | Facebook

At Birds Paradise, their aim is to cater for all your birds needs and do it at a reasonable price. Whether you need a small toy or a large perch we have it all.

Their specialty are play gyms and stands made from natural wood guaranteed to impress even the fussiest bird.