These guys are the unsung heroes of our native species.

Our cockatiels are robust, resilient, full of character with just a small dash of attitude to make them unique. These guys require medium level interaction and will impress you with their bonding and loyal nature. Colors vary from
standard to pied, yellow, white, mixed, grey, pearl and prices adjust accordingly.

They love their greens.

pineapple conures

Pineapple, Green Cheek and Cinnamon Conures

You will never tire of the antics these little guy’s display! They can take a little longer to settle
than most. However once bonded, these guys are amazing and loyal companions that will
entertain you for hours.

They can suffer “Little Bird Syndrome” and become a little nippy from time to time; however, they respond well to reinforcement training and learn very fast.

These guys are water babies and love a dip. Partial to berries and fruit.


Quaker parrot

Quaker Parrot

One of our favorites. They say quaker parrots “don’t know they’re small” and heave the
personality and attitude of a MacCaw.

Resilient, hardy, intelligent and overflowing with a fun and playful nature. These guys are smart and will challenge you at times making them a brilliant companion.



The dynamos of our Australian native species. Gorgeous personalities, smaller size and entertaining which makes them an all-round valuable companion.

A huge array of colors available and very low maintenance.


Indian Ringneck 

A handsome, proud and loyal companion.

These guys are very clever and do require daily interaction and attention. Colors vary and the male is very easily distinguishable by their deep black ring around the neck.

They love a daily bath.

Alexandrine Parrot

A proud, majestic, loyal and intelligent companion is the Alexandrine parrot.

One of our top three companion birds due to their loving and interactive abilities.

These guys do require a large water bath, lots of fruit/veg and are relatively low maintenance.