Our Team

Our Board is comprised of a group of enthusiastic individuals dedicated to making the world a happier place.

Michael Clancy

Founder & CEO

Michael has taken a thought to an action and ultimately a reality. Through personal experience he has built a business based on a very simple belief, making the World a little nicer, one bird at a time. His determination to successfully engage with a myriad of different people for a common cause has received amazing recognition. 

Michael works toward removing stigmas associated with mental health and arming recipients with tools (parrots) to help combat symptoms and considers himself proud, humbled and blessed to be positioned where he can make a difference.

Lyn Healy



Before becoming a director for Parrots for Purpose Lyn has always found living creatures a wonderful source of daily therapy. Now, having been the very first recipient of a Parrot for Purpose companion (Sweet), Lyn thrives on ensuring our caring approach, quality, and product reaches as many people as possible. Lyn is a tireless fundraiser and injects positivity into our group.

Michelle Ehmann and Opal

Michelle Ehmann

Company Secretary

Michelle is a professional organiser and problem solver, with over 15 years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector and Board governance.  A full time carer to a young adult living with Autism and mental ill-health, Michelle has seem firsthand the transformative power a companion bird can offer. 

Michelle spends her  downtime creatively with crochet and ceramics, fuelled by coffee and cake.  Much to Michael’s dismay, she does not own a parrot – but her son does!

pineapple conures


Junior Director

Riley is involved in all aspects of Parrots for Purpose from aviary maintenance to feeding and nursing.
He delights in seeing his hard work result in the smiles and happiness when a recipient is presented with their new companion.

A pillar of strength and an amazing support to the cause.


Junior Director

Tegan is a powerhouse behind the scenes at ‘Parrots for Purpose’. As the number one feeding expert, Tegan has a natural strength in identifying character traits and working with infant parrots.

Tegan is a driving force in the fundraising, networking, communicating and promotion of the organisation and wears her pride on her sleeve.


Junior Director

Never happy without an infant parrot to nurse, raise, feed and wean Saskia thrives on all things a fledgling delivers. Fund raising and all round support has been given by her since the very first baby left for their new companion home.

Saskia’s optimism and ‘can-do’ attitude shines through each and every interaction.