The change in James is amazing, Max is forever on his shoulder until he has to go to his home (as James calls it) to go to sleep. Such a great program!!!

This type of thing that you guys are doing, makes me believe there are still great people out there helping and making a difference.  A huge difference  in not just the person who receives on of your little friends, but all the people around them.  Thank you to everyone in your team!


“Animal assisted therapy has been shown to significantly reduce pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue and mitigate against feelings of loneliness and isolation. An impressive range of patient cohorts from children with anxiety, veterans with PTSD and older people with depression experience improvement to their mental health. Benefit has also been demonstrated for physical conditions such as high blood pressure and chronic pain. Parrots for purpose can, and has, saved lives”. 

Dr Siobhan Jeffs

General Practitioner, Ashmore

What a difference in our life! Finding peace and contentment in our new guy, Billy Bird. Thank you from so deep in our heart, he is changin our lives.


Thanks to Parrots for Purpose, having a bird in the studio/therapy room has brought a smile to so many. The energy and character Frankie brings has helped our clients be in the present, a distraction from negative thoughts, exposure therapy for some and a reminder that they are capable.  These are powerful interactions when suffering from a chronic psychosocial and physical disability.

Moments of joy an laughter are what Frankie is known for…with a dash of unpredictability that keeps us all curious.

At Art Therapy Gold Coast, we highly recommend Parrots for Purpose as a 10/10 quality provider of companion birds for individuals or organisations that meet their criteria

Anna W

Art Therapy Gold Coast

I have suffered from mental illnesses all my life and physical illnesses for 9 years. I was feeling very alone and felt I needed something to love.  I didn’t want a cat and tried a puppy but that didn’t work so I was very down and out and didn’t know what to do.  My support coordinator sent me a link for Parrots for Purpose.

Now I have my beautiful birdie friend, Charlie and I couldn’t be more happy.  Thank you Parrots for Purpose for giving my life purpose again.