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Parrots for Purpose are getting the message out to thousands of people; engaging with influential figures on prominent platforms such as The Project and The House of Wellness

Parrots feeding from a childs hand

Platforms We’ve Appeared On:

Parrots Providing Therapy For Those Needing Support

“Meet the organisation changing the world “one bird at a time” by pairing parrots up with people who need a little feathered friend to make a difference in their lives”.

Parrots for Purpose: Birds providing therapy for those needing support

“Parrots for Purpose provides people living with a disability, domestic violence survivors, ADF personnel and many more with a companion to grow, share and travel through the next chapter of life with.

We speak to Michael Clandy, Founder & CEO for Parrots for Purpose. Michael has taken a thought to an action and ultimately a reality. Through personal experience he has built a business based on a very simple belief, making the world a little nicer, one bird at a time. His determination to successfully engage with a myriad of different people for a common cause has received amazing recognition”.

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